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2019 Summer Discipleship

Summer is a great time to get closer to God. We always struggle with our identity as the world has many voices. Why don't you join us to discover who God really says you are?

"Who Am I?"

Knowing Yourself Through God's Word

FRIDAY | 6-7pm | Truth Centre G04 | Enquiry:

Jul 19

In God's Image

Jul 26

A Sinner

Aug 2

In Christ

Aug 9

My Strengths & Weaknesses

Aug 16

My Talents & Gifts

Aug 23

My Emotions

Join GATEKEEPERS our youth fellowship afterwards! 7:30-9:30pm Truth Centre G04.

NPAC English Youth Ministry

NPAC Education Centre, 2/F Phase 2, Maximall, 233 Electric Road, North Point

Hong Kong


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