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Summer Discipleship 2020

Updated: Jul 12

Date: Jul 17-Aug 28 Every Friday Before Gatekeepers!

Time: 5:45-6:45pm (July will be Zoom Meeting)

Title: BOOKS OF THE BIBLE - an introduction of Bible overview

  1. Introduction: What is the Bible - the 66 books Q: do I believe?

  2. OT: the law (Gen, Ex, Lev, Num, Deu) Q: will I obey?

  3. OT: the prophets (former: Josh, Jud, Sam, Kings; latter: Isa, Jer, Eze, 12 minor) Q: am I like the Israelites?

  4. OT: the writings (Ps, Job, Prov, Ru, Songs, Ecc, Lam, Est, Dan, Ezr, Neh, Chro) Q: do I trust?

  5. NT: the 4 gospels & Acts Q: is Jesus my savior?

  6. NT: the letters Q: is my life reflecting Christ?

  7. Conclusion: Why the Bible matters - the book of revelation Q: do I live with Kingdom's intent?

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