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Christian Fellowship is a time we meet together having things in common like beliefs (Acts 2:42), work (Nehemiah 4:1 - 23), faith (1 Samuel 20:30 - 42), need (2 Corinthians 8:1 - 15) and what we struggle against (Daniel 3:16 - 30).


We share a common purpose (see Psalm 133:1), conviction (see 1 Peter 3:8), and hope (Ephesians 4:4). We travel together in the journey of our faith in Christ.

"Its been very well, I have been learning a lot and it's very fun. It also keeps me away from devices (mostly) and keeps me active."


Brendan (11)

"GK is a great place to meet people your age who are willing to listen and also share your beliefs. It's a great environment to grow closer to others and God!"


Caitlin (16)

"A comfortable environment to talk and meet new people and learn about the gospel together."


Kayla (17)

"It's definitely not as fun as being in person of course, but it's still nice to see people and the small groups are nice."


Katie (17)

"Gatekeepers is a great youth community where we can get together and learn, it's fun and inclusive. I believe it does suit the youth more as we are much more active, and GK does suit our need for activities. It's a great place to know God, as well as a great place for us to share our burdens and keep eachother accountable in Christ"


Wilson (16)

"I like how the community is really welcoming and you don't feel pressured to speak up."


Faith (11)

"Gatekeepers is truly a solace where I can unwind and further strengthen my relationship with my brothers and sisters around "my age"."


Sergio (17)

"GK is a warm, welcoming community where we can learn about God and encourage each other."


Davey (18)

"Gk gives me an opportunity to have fun and learn god with my friends."


Ethan (14)

"its a place where I can share all my thoughts and worries and helps me a lot, its very welcoming and wholesome."


Ryan (13)

"It is very fun and a great way to learn about God."


Jason (12)

all meetings





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Bible Study
OT Writings 2
Festival Scrolls
Show & Tell
Self-awareness III
Treasure Room
Jesus' Resurrection & Prayer


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Bible Study
OT Writing 3
Historical Books
Self-managment III
Treasure Room
Praying for
bro & sis


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Bible Study
The Gospels
Awareness III
Treasure Room
Praying for the World

Every Friday 7:30-9PM

All secondary school students are welcome

Bible Study

WEEK 1: Christ Follower's life


WEEK 2: Fun time!


WEEK 3: Teen's topics

Treasure Room

WEEK 4: Prayer meeting

NPAC English Youth Ministry

NPAC Education Centre, 2/F Phase 2, Maximall, 233 Electric Road, North Point

Hong Kong

Email: EM_youth@npac.org.hk

Phone: 2807 5200

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